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7 Ways to Spend Your Days in Frances Loire Valley

Dec 21, Chinon, Bourgueil, Saumur, Vouvray, Muscadetthese are just some of the various appellations of the Loire Valley, scattered over kilometers ( miles) between Blois and Nantes. White, red, rose, mellow, quiet or sparkling, their diversity will delight your taste buds. Admire the castles from the top of a hot air balloon. Aug 04, The Loire Valley, in central France s Loire River, is known for its abundant produce, famed wine industry, vibrant culture and stunning chateaux. Here are ten ways to make the most of a trip to the Loire Valley. Chateau de Chenonceau | Yvan Lastes/WikiCommons Tour the Chateau de Chenonceau.

For keen lovers of French architecture and history, the Loire Valley might need no introduction. The area is where many visitors will find a wide range of traditional French foods, some of the most stunning gardens the country has to offer, and the many historic structures linked to the French monarchy.

So ensure that you make plans towards visiting this fantastic place. You can even make things easier by booking a tour of the entire region. Measuring m by m, the building was designed on a scale of massive proportions. Louis XIV often lived in this castle, hosting lavish gala balls, amusing soirees, and hunting parties. With six gates that give access to hte grounds, the expansive property of Chambord how to stop windows explorer from restarting surrounded by a 32 km wall, which is the longest in the country.

Landscaped in geometric forms with tidy flowerbeds and well-manicured shrubs, visitors are sure to be astonished by the French Formal Gardens. Now, Chambord is a must-visit spot in the Loire Valley, and it is just around a two-hour drive from the French capital. Visitors can take a train ride 80 minutes from Paris Austerlitz to the Blois Chambord station, which is a half-an-hour taxi or shuttle ride away from the castle.

A beautiful castle with a uniquely feminine vibe, Chenonceau used to be immensely influenced by the popular women who previously lived here. This two-story gallery perches on a royal arched bridge that transverses the Too River, giving the impression of a floating castle on the water. The Corps de Logis gallery, to further impress visitors, showcases antique tapestries and fine paintings.

This breathtaking French Gothic sanctuary stands in a raised position, with its suspended spires that can be seen from afar. Built in the s and s, Chartres Cathedral is among the best-preserved and finest medieval churches in the dhat. It is also a significant landmark of Christian vo and art.

A day trip from Paris will be easy. Flanked by big towers, the ornate west front has about 5 doorways with opulent sculptural decoration, and a beautiful s rose window. The interior fascinates visitors with its beautiful sanctuary illuminated by s stained-glass windows. The Palais Jacques Cour is another noteworthy building. It was built by Jacques Cour the royal treasurer intypifying secular Gothic architecture.

This place is famous for its astonishing Renaissance castle, a building encircled by elegant gardens and a moat. The design of this royal castle was immensely co by Italian architecture. The highlight on the ground floor is the dining room with a well-decorated chimney and many tapestries.

Deluxe Renaissance furniture and paintings adorn the reception rooms. The room where the novelist worked has been preserved as it was. The Loire Valley area is widely known for its excellent wines. The area is marked with vineyards from Sancerre to the ocean, and it provides various wines to suit your taste from vibrant Sancerres to soft vourays. The Loire Valley is an astounding region to fulfill what to do in the loire valley French fantasies.

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Azay-le-Rideau This place is famous for its astonishing Renaissance castle, a building encircled by elegant gardens and a moat. Loire Valley. Peter Peter is the editor of France Travel Blog. What is the latest virus in computer Post.

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Drink All the Wine

Oct 22, One of the most popular things to do in the Loire Valley is to visit the many chateaux that make this region so impressive. Chenonceau, bought by Henri II for his mistress Diane-de-Poitiers, towers over the River Cher, and the mesmerizing International Garden Festival takes place at Chaumont. Jan 09, Things to do in the Loire Valley, France Youll find there are many things to do in the Loire Valleybut, lets be real, most of them have to do with castles. Frances Loire Valley is actually home to, I kid you not, more than fancy chateaux. In a sq. mile piece of Europe. May 29, The Loire Valley area is widely known for its excellent wines. The area is marked with vineyards from Sancerre to the ocean, and it provides various wines to suit your taste from vibrant Sancerres to soft vourays. What is Loire Valley Famous For Summary The Loire Valley is an astounding region to fulfill your French fantasies.

Who do you think we are, French royalty of the 15th and 16th century? No, thankswho needs that kind of stress? Click here to compare prices on hotels in Chartres. Read also Top things to see in Paris. Go big or go home, right? It was intended as a hunting lodge for the visibly spoiled King Francis I of France he only spent a couple of weeks there, total but was never actually completed.

You can tour the castle, talk a walk through the gardens, watch the costumed ladies and gents on horseback, and shop in the outdoor market between the palace and the parking lot. Having been built on the foundations of an old mill, it has the unique characteristic of being built over a river. But why in the world would you want to? They were built with quarried limestone from the surrounding landscape.

And what do you do with leftover limestone quarries? You move in, obviously. The limestone caves left behind after the castles were built make for perfect dwellings themselvesa constant interior temperature easily heated in winter and cooled in summer, protection from the elements and bombs at certain points in history , and cheap rent. The town of Amboise is located just off the banks of the Loire River and is most famous for its castle and being the once home of the French royal court.

Here you can take a guided tour of the castle and its manicured gardens and visit Chapelle Saint-Hubert, the small chapel housing the grave of Leonardo da Vinci. Click here to compare prices on hotels in Amboise. Da Vinci moved here in via an invitation from King Francis I and remained until his death in Ashley Smith is the travel writer and photographer behind My Wanderlusty Life , a blog dedicated to helping busy wanderlusters travel the world on a time-budget.

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This would be the perfect vacation for me! These castles are so majestic. This place is purely out of the fairytale. The charters remind me of the disney castle and look at that troglodyte dinner setup.

It looks so rustic and romantic. I would absolutely love to visit here one day. How did I miss this the last time I was there? Is it hard to get in or very expensive? They really do have a lot of castles!

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