what to use for lake trout ice fishing

Best Ice Fishing Lures for Lake Trout

Tube Jigs: Far and away the gold standard when it comes to ice fishing for lake trout, white or silver-colored tube jigs are a proven and effective method of attracting the lake trout bite. These lures mimic cisco and shiners Ц the lake troutТs natural prey. When ice fishing for lake trout, using the right line, reel, and rod can make all the difference. Because you typically need to reach very deep waters when looking for lakers, a braided, no-stretch line is often the best choice. As far as rods and reels, try using either a baitcasting or spinning rod/reel!Author: Chris Kochan.

For hardcore ice anglers, January 1 is always a date that we mark on the calendar because it marks the opening of the winter lake trout season. Their aggressive nature makes them fun to fish for, and they are hard fighters. Across Sunset Countrylakers can grow large and some of the best fisheries are in remote, wilderness areas that are a dream to fish, lakes with beautiful clear waterЧbut you can find their population dotted all over the region!

Think of lake trout as freshwater sharks under the ice. They like the cold water, and I feel like they are constantly on the move looking for an easy meal. After spending the summer months hunkered down in deep water, in the winter they are free to roam wherever they want.

Most anglers fish around main lake structure like points or humps, and they are always a good bet. Other options include bluffs or cliffswhich lake trout will push baitfish against, or even mudflats in front of shallower bays where they will forage on perch.

Clear water is common in trout country, so you can expect trout to see your bait from a long distance. I usually choose a white or minnow-imitating colour; they are highly visible, yet still natural.

Of course, the whole gamut of ice fishing baits will catch trout as well. Line Tackle keeps improving every year, as do our rods, reels, and line. The no-stretch thing really helps with getting a good hook-set in deep water without having to use a broomstick for a fishing rod. A medium-heavy to heavy action rod is best. Go with whatever you are most comfortable with.

Most often I like to use lb braid for my main line, what is soap 3. 0 attach a lb fluoro-leader. Electronics Electronics are important for ice fishing for all species but even more so with lakers, which often suspend throughout the water column. Using any kind of sonar unit gives you the ability to watch for fish that are suspended, as well as fish that are chasing your bait around.

What are you Waiting For? Use the tips in this article to get you ready to set some hooks on these beautiful fish. Sunset Country, Ontario has the best how do i download outlook express to my computer lake trout fishing opportunities in North America when you consider the access, variety of waters, fishing for numbers of trout, as well as chances at trophy fishЧcome and have some fun!

Need a place to stay? Check out visitsunsetcountry. Send them an email if you need more help here: info visitsunsetcountry.

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Jan 30, †Ј In last week's blog, I discussed why the simple soft plastic tube jig may be the single best lure that you can use to catch lake trout in the winter time in Northern Ontario. But, here's is an important point to consider. When you're ice fishing in the northern . Jan 24, †Ј With rods, slightly longer than normal ice rods are better for trout, especially waters with bigger fish. The longer rod will help with more hook-setting power and then more shock absorption for fighting fish, especially when youТre battling to get their head . When learning how to catch lake trout ice fishing, you can use 10 to pound braided line and 6 to 8-pound fluorocarbon leader. Because braided fishing line has no stretch, it's a good choice for fishing in deeper water. If you plan to fish for rainbow or brown trout, 4 to 6-pound test monofilament line with 8 to pound monofilament or fluorocarbon leader will do in most cases. 4. DIFFERENT ICE FISHING .

We encourage you to follow CDC recommendations. Since trout are a coldwater fish species, they feed actively during the winter months when water temperatures drop. That makes learning how to ice fish for trout an ideal activity for a winter fishing trip.

Start out by assembling the gear you need to go ice fishing for trout. If you have a handy checklist of the basic tackle and gear to use, it can make your fishing trip preparations quick and easy. The fishing rods to use when ice fishing for trout are shorter than a standard freshwater fishing rod, generally between 24 to 36 inches. The action of the rod can range from medium or medium-heavy action, depending on the trout species you are targeting.

You can try a medium action rod for rainbow trout; however, a medium-heavy action rod would be better when learning how to ice fish for lake trout. You may want to choose a fishing reel with high line capacity if you are learning how to ice fish for lake trout because they are capable of long runs. If you are fishing for rainbow trout or brown trout, high line capacity isn't as important.

When learning how to catch lake trout ice fishing, you can use 10 to pound braided line and 6 to 8-pound fluorocarbon leader. Because braided fishing line has no stretch, it's a good choice for fishing in deeper water. If you plan to fish for rainbow or brown trout, 4 to 6-pound test monofilament line with 8 to pound monofilament or fluorocarbon leader will do in most cases.

Selecting the best ice fishing lures for trout isn't hard. In most cases, you should choose bait and lures that are light and small.

Trout are generally found in deep natural lakes, but they can also be stocked in ponds or reservoirs. Safety should be your priority when selecting a spot to fish for trout through the ice. Always remember to follow fishing safety guidelines and check for safe ice before you go fishing.

When you find a safe fishing spot, keep in mind that trout usually move from deep holes into shallower areas during the winter months. This means that you should be able to find the fish if you find the areas where the water depth transitions from deep to shallow.

You can also check the places to boat and fish map or contact your state agency if you need help locating a good spot. The largemouth bass is the most popular freshwater game fish in the U. Learn more about how you can identify a largemouth bass, where to catch it and what bait and lures to use. Do you like this content? Subscribe to our Newsletter and get all the information you need to learn, plan, and equip for your next fishing adventure.

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Register A Boat Register your boat today. Learn how to register your vessel, boating laws and more. Try tube jigs if you are focusing on lake trout. Jigging Spoons: Metal vertical jigging spoons are another type of lure that can be effective when hardwater fishing for trout. Sometimes a change is all it takes. Experiment to see what will work for you. Minnows: Small, live minnows can be rigged on a 6 hook. Add a small lead weight or split-shot to keep your bait in the strike zone and use a pencil-shaped bobber or float to help you detect light bites.

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